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Transitioning to Farm Fresh Foods

While changing dog foods can prove to be difficult with some dogs, we have found that most dogs transition wonderfully to Farm Fresh Pet Foods. Often dogs will transition without getting upset stomachs or loose stools. We have many clients that switch to 100% fresh food, and they have great succes. However, if you feel that you would like to transition gradually, we support that approach as well. You know the needs of your dog the best and therefore we leave the method of transitioning foods up to you.

We have had wonderful success with clients switching to our food, and our experience has been that the Chicken / Veggie / Rice recipe is typically the best food for transitioning. Many holistic veterinarians will recommend feeding chicken & rice to help settle upset tummies. With that said you know your dog best, and another recipe might be the best for them.

Fresh Foods | a Healthier Option

While fresh foods are a much healthier option there is the possibility that your dog could go through a detoxification process. Detoxification is a very healthy thing, and the body cannot detoxify very well when it is continually consuming more processed food toxins. Detoxification typically does not occur immediately when switching to fresh foods, it may not even be a noticeable event. The body is complex and has many ways to deal with toxins found in processed foods. Often the toxins that cannot be eliminated from the body will begin to be stored in the fat and the lymph systems. When these toxins are introduced on a daily basis, they accumulate throughout the body. Individual dogs deal with the toxins in different ways: skin issues, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. The body will detoxify itself when it has the necessary vital energy to begin expunging the toxins that have been stored. Fresh foods provide more vital energy to the body via 2 ways. First, fresh foods are easier to digest, so less vital energy is spent on digesting and assimilating the nutrients from food. Second, fresh foods are loaded with all kinds of healthy nutrition so the body gains health & vitality through fresh foods.

All things in nature go through cycles. Dogs who transition beautifully could end up going through a detox weeks later. If the stools get loose or if your dog vomits, it could easily be part of the bodies natural healing process. Dont panic. Fresh foods heal the body, and healing is not always a pretty aspect. Always keep an eye on your dogs stools as it will help you understand what is happening inside your pet. Always consult a veterinarian if stools or vomiting are extreme or persist.

Jeremy Craw
Jeremy Craw