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About Farm Fresh Pet Foods

Farm Fresh Pet Foods is committed to creating the healthiest & freshest foods for your dog.  Our mission is to give your dogs the species-appropriate nutrition they need, while catering to the natural flavors they love.  Due to our healthy fresh ingredients & delicate cooking process, Farm Fresh Foods are superior in every way to commercially processed foods.

Farm Fresh Dog Food Quality

Our commitment to providing a quality product is unequaled. Happy and healthy pets is our number one goal. We use only fresh ingredients, and they are combined & prepared specifically for the health & nutrition of your best friend.

We are certain that once you try Farm Fresh Pet Foods, you will see the quality for yourself.

Dear Pet Parent,

Farm Fresh Pet Foods began in the heart of a midwestern 16 year old boy. My first job was taking care of my Big Pop’s (a.k.a. grandfather's) dogs, his prolific garden, and the rest of the acreage. I loved my work, and I loved those dogs, Clancy and Doby. I would drive out to the acreage every day during the spring & summer and make sure the dogs were fed, loved, and exercised. I weeded, pruned, and harvested the fruits of the garden just as my Big Pop had shown me. For an impressionable boy of 16 the garden was a place of learning, wonder, and hard work. I learned about life and the deliciously healthy power that fresh foods add to our lives.

It didn't occur to me then that the dry & lifeless dog foods that we were feeding Doby & Clancy were the likely reason for their suffering from hotspots and other health issues. They came from impeccable bloodlines, English Pointers and German Shorthairs, so we knew that it wasn’t likely genetic.

The years passed but the memory of those summers still feels like yesterday, and from those days Farm Fresh Pet Foods came to life. I took my first steps into the world of dog food when I learned about a superior European dry food that was made with fresh meat instead of powdered meat meals. My excitement for the product was instant, and I began to distribute this superior food at a local farmers market. My team and I learned exactly how the food was made and why it was better than all the other dry foods on the market. The explanation was simple, it was made with mostly fresh meat and was never exposed to high cooking temperatures.

The product was growing in popularity, and many of the dogs that switched to the food were experiencing great increases in health and beauty. The fact that fresh foods can make a remarkable difference in our lives was again impressed upon me. I began to formulate how we could make an even healthier food that was based on this superior European formula. My difference would be that the end product would actually be a fresh food, and not just a "shelf stable" meat product.

After our recipes had been perfected, Farm Fresh Pet Foods was born by sampling our homemade foods to all of our friend's dogs. Our furry friends loved the fresh food and we decided it was time to start selling our superior fresh foods. The concept was much different than many pet parents had considered, but the dogs absolutely inhaled the delicious food. For Farm Fresh and all of our best friends, it has been uphill since then.

The memories of my youth helped us choose our name, Farm Fresh. We strive for excellence and our foods are the proof of our labors. Farm Fresh Pet Foods is committed to providing the healthiest and most delicious foods for your pets.

May you have a lifetime of love with your Best Friends,
Jeremy, Sofia, & Chewy