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The Farm Fresh Process

The reason fresh food is so much better for your pet than processed foods that come in a bag or a can is the increased digestibility of the natural ingredients. Processing foods under high-temperature & high-pressure denatures proteins and destroys natural vitamins. Processed foods are also largely created by what is possible instead of what is ideal. Our low-temperature gentle cooking process maintains the nutritional integrity of our healthy ingredients and supports increased digestibility. Freezing our foods locks in the wholesome freshness for your pets health and enjoyment.

  1. Low Temperature Delicate Cooking Process - Low temperatures maintain the nutritional integrity of the ingredients.
  2. Proper Timing - Each of our ingredients is combined at the proper time to ensure that the digestibility of the individual ingredients is maximized.
  3. Freezing - Freezing locks in the wholesome freshness and avoids the use of dangerous salts and preservatives.

Farm Fresh Quality & Quality Control

Our commitment to quality is unequaled, and our small-batch, hand-crafted foods are a labor of love. Fresh ingredients offer the best opportunity to inspect quality. We believe that our hand-crafted approach allows for a more thorough inspection of the individual ingredients. All of our veggies are washed by hand, and every cut of meat is inspected as it is included in the recipe.

Large commercial pet food companies do not have the luxury of maintaining our meticulous quality checks. Many of them contract with other companies that actually make the food for them. This is why recalls on one pet food, often lead to multiple brands recalling their foods, all of which can be produced in the same faulty facility. These facilities are often under very tight production guidelines, so they have to keep producing. Some of these companies mean well and attempt to make quality products, but they just cant match our quality control.

At Farm Fresh Pet Foods, if we come across an ingredient where the quality is suspect, we either return it or throw it out. We want healthy & happy pets. Our commitment to providing the best & healthiest dog food is unequaled.

  1. Fresh Ingredients - We start with fresh ingredients where it is easy to examine the quality, unlike processed meats and flours.
  2. Careful inspection - All of our ingredients are inspected, washed, and prepped by hand.
  3. Hand-Crafted Every step from receiving to packaging is done by hand. Personal care & attention at every step.
  4. All-American - All of our meats and most of our veggies (depending upon season) are sourced from the country that makes the best quality, the USA. We never use ingredients that are sourced from China or other suspect countries.

Canine & Feline Superfoods

Superfoods are powerful and delicate. We understand the delicate nature of many superfoods, and we ensure they are not destroyed by our cooking process. Every superfood is added to the recipe at the proper time and temperature. This guarantees that the health-giving qualities of the superfoods remains intact.

The Farm Fresh superfoods help bridge the gap that modern day agriculture has created. Take for instance our Norwegian kelp, it is loaded with over 60 trace minerals, 20 amino acids, and 12 vitamins. Many of these trace minerals have been depleted from our soils due to over farming. The ocean is a sink for minerals, and the pristine waters in Norway grow some amazing & pure kelp that represent one of the most digestible sources of these natural minerals.

Jeremy Craw
Jeremy Craw