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January 02, 2015

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New Year, New Website!

Farm Fresh Pet Foods would like to welcome you to our new website.  We are excited about the new site and the possibilities it is bringing to enhance your buying experience.

One new feature that we have implemented is the ability of the shopping cart to aggregate the total items in your shopping cart which will give you our 20, 48, and 96 piece discounts with a single product or with a variety of our products.  With this feature the website will automatically recalculate every item in your shopping cart when the discount quantities are met.

Other features like subscription service, nationwide shipping, videos, blogs, and newsletters are being added that will make connecting and interacting with us easier and more engaging.  

One thing about Farm Fresh Pet Foods remains unchanged and that is our commitment to producing the highest quality dog food and cat foods.  Our commitment to sourcing the best quality fresh ingredients for our superior pet foods led us to starting our own farm.  For the last year we have been working intensely on building a beautiful farm in Davie, Florida.  Here we are using sustainable methods to organically grow vegetables and humanely raise meats.  Eating local is something that we greatly value and now we are offering your pets the ability to eat local too.  Stay tuned for some awesome stories and photos. 

Our next blog post will outline why fresh foods are so important to our pets health.

Looking forward to growing with you,



Farm Fresh Pet Foods LLC